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An entire home page dedicated to Frankie Darro?  Gosh, YES!!!  It's time to recognize this sorely overlooked actor whose career, which spanned from the silent era well into the 1960's, touched upon so many different genres: besides being a notable child star, he did his own stunts and held his own in many Tom Tyler silents; rode alongside Gene Autry and Rin Tin Tin in serials; starred in his own series of comedies with Mantan Moreland; made some notable appearances in the Bowery Boys series; became known as Hollywood's perennial jockey, riding (and falling off) horses in countless films; is known to sci-fi buffs as being one of the actors who worked inside Robbie the Robot in Forbidden Planet; was known to TV fans as the indestructible "little old lady" on The Red Skelton Show . . . and those are only some of his credits!!

So we invite you, with a wink and a smile, to follow the links below and learn
more about this versatile actor's career!  C'mon, let's go!!!

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Last Updated: July 1, 2013

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Frankie Darro gets into a fight while in town
during the 1932 film Amateur Daddy.


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