Original text reads: Little Helen Mack beams on Frankie Darro as the two of them play chuck-a-luck.

Original text reads: Tom Brown and Anita Louise (watch that team, it looks like a romance), watch Patricia Ellis weep over Frankie Darro.  Or maybe it's just the onions that are bringing tears to her eyes.  Incidentally, the stuff in those mugs is cider.  Nothing stronger for the Puppets!  They think of their careers first.

Original text reads: Above are Anita Louise and Frankie Darro with Bob Armstrong, the "grown up" pal of the Puppets.

This clipping from an unknown newspaper shows just
how widespread Frankie's fame really was, especially
when his movies came to television!

This is a sample of how photos were doctored by newspapers
prior to publishing to get the best quality in the final print.
From the files of the San Francisco Examner, circa 134.


This is part of a larger article about Frankie's
1948 film Heart of Virginia.