Original text reads: Little Frankie Darrow and Virginia Valli are featured in F.B.O.'s "Judgment of the Hills".

Original text reads: Uncorking right slap to Frankie Darro's face, Linda Lawson seems to be living up to title of CBS melodrama Sunday at 9:30 p.m., "I Can Take Care of Myself."

Wade provided us with this interesting clipping for Wild Boys of the Road!

This movie outline for The Signal Tower was published in
the August 1924 issue of Photoplay magazine.

This article (from an unknown source) was published in 1948.
Frankie received the keys to Arroyo Grande and Pismo Beach as part
of a publicity push for his appearance at the All-Western Jamboree
at the Rose Gardens in Pismo Beach.  The souvenir program for the
show can be seen below:

rosegardenballroom01.jpg (76006 bytes)    rosegardenballroom02.jpg (114575 bytes)


This brief blurb from the December 3, 1953 edition of
the Los Angeles Herald & Express announces Frankie's
bit part in the Martin & Lewis film, Living It Up.

This ad for the Amerian Film Co., a distributor of
collectors films for fans, shows that Frankie Darro
was of great interest to movie fans, even outranking
Mickey Rooney in billing!

This article about Frankie by Kirk Crivello was published
in the Volume 12, No. 10 issue of Hollywood Studio Magazine.