This article (from an unknown source) talks about Frankie when he
was tending bar (this was likely when he worked as a bartender in 1955
and not at his own bar, the Try Later, which he'd co-owned previously)
and when his films were being shown regularly on television.

This article's date is unknown, but likely is from sometime in the
1950's when this little known Hal Roach show aired on television.

This is an interesting article which talks about Frankie's role in the Navy when he was
stationed in Long Beach, California.

This article from March 3, 1930 was obtained from the
San Francisco Examiner reference library and
promoted the film "Blaze of Glory."

This newspaper clipping is to promote Frankie Darro
appearing in the 1927 silent film Little Mickey Grogan.  Not
only do they misspell Darro, they misspell Mickey as well!

This photo is from a newspaper mention
of the film Rainbow Man with Frankie Darro
and Eddie Dowling.