Our good friend Claudia, who is working on a biography
of another noted actor (more coming soon about her
project!) was kind enough to keep her eyes open for
materials on Frankie as well and sent us some really
interesting things, including this ad for the silent film
Judgement of the Hills!

Another article from Claudia!  This is from the
Ogden Standard Examiner on September 18, 1925.
The text reads:
"There's still one fight fan who is strong
for Jack Dempsey these days.  He's Frankie Darro,
juvenile movie actor of Hollywood, Calif.  He's the
champion's favorite second when Jack's taking
workouts in his Los Angeles training quarters."

Claudia also sent us this very dramatic advertisement
for the 1933 film The Mayor of Hell!  Don't know which
is more shocking . . . the graphic nature of the artwork
or the claim that the movie included 500 juvenile stars!

Claudia also sent us this article from the August 5, 1933 edition of the
San Mateo Times and Daily News Leader in California announcing the
opening of of the film The Mayor of Hell.  The text reads:
"A scene from 'The Mayor of Hell' starring James Cagney and
Madge Evans with Dudley Diggs and Frankie Darro of the supporting
cast.  The picture opens tomorrow at the Fox San Mateo Theater
on a double bill with 'It's Great to Be Alive,' featuring Edna May
Oliver and Gloria Stuart.

Claudia sent us this mention of the film Three Kids and a Queen which
appeared in the December 25, 1935 issue of the Ogden Standard Examiner.

Another article which Claudia sent to us promotes the 1932 Seth Parker
film Way Back Home in the January 17th issue of the Ogden Standard Examiner.

Claudia also sent us this article which appeared in the October 15, 1933 issue
of the San Antonio Light newspaper and focuses on the film Wild Boys of the Road.
The text reads: "Wild Boys of the Road, now showing at the Empire theater,
presents a startling revelation of present-day conditions which caused a veritable
army of boys and girls to quit their homes and roam wildly about the country.
There are 500,000 of these young Americans, according to figures presented to
a congressional investigation committee in Washington.  Danny Ahern wrote
their story.  Danny, author and ex-newspaper man, lived with them for six
months in their hobo jungles and road boy camps.  He knows all about them and
he has presented the picture in his characteristic vigorous, colorful and
picturesque style.  He paints not only the tragedy of their lives with stark
realism, but he tells of their joys and their loves, the romances that blossom
even in sordid surroundings.  He pictures many hilariously funny situations
which spring spontaneously from love of mischief in irrepressible youth and which
can not be downed even under pitiful conditions.  The drama is unfolded by a strong
cast of youthful players including Frankie Darro, Dorothy Coonan, Rochelle Hudson,
Edwin Phillips, Ann Hovey, Shirley Dunstead and Sterling Holloway.  The adult
members of the cast include Arthur Hohl, Grant Mitchell, Claire McDowell, Charles
Grapewin and Robert Barrat.  William A. Wellman directed the picture.

The wonderful Claudia also sent us this advertisement for a screening
of the Frankie's Monogram movie Irish Luck.  Note how they advertise
the Monday night free dinnerware pieces that were common incentives
at movie houses in the 1930's!

Claudia came through again with the above advertisement for the
B-picture Juvevile Court, interestingly enough giving billing to
"Frankie Darro and His Gang."  "His Gang" happened to be a rotating
cast of young male stars from the era and were not the same group
of boys in any two pictures.

Here is a very dramatic advertisement for Wild Boys of the Road
which Claudia sent to us as well.  Interesting to note that they
say there is a cast of exactly 1,000 in the movie, and that they
are, in fact, great!

This clipping, sent to us by Claudia, talks about the impending release of the film
Moulders of Men, which interestingly enough seems to have some connection with the
Order of Elks.  Most notable about this clipping, however, is how Frankie Darro is
singled out for particular praise in his role of Sandy!