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Tough Guy

boysreformatory4.jpg (63137 bytes)    boysreformatory3.jpg (20345 bytes)                juvenillecourtsnap1.JPG (21673 bytes)
            Boys' Reformatory               Juvenile Court

mayorofhellsnap2.JPG (19259 bytes)                  nogreaterglorysnap1.JPG (19828 bytes)                angelsalley2.jpg (74211 bytes)
   The Mayor Of Hell      No Greater Glory       Angel's Alley         

fightingfools02.jpg (32319 bytes)                           exmrsbradford01.jpg (30236 bytes)
        Fighting Fools            The Ex-Mrs. Bradford

Dramatic Actor

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Three Kids and a Queen          Wild Boys of the Road                

mayorofhellsnap4.JPG (25202 bytes)               nogreaterglorysnap2.JPG (19817 bytes)               fightingfoolsnap1.JPG (21908 bytes)
The Mayor of Hell     No Greater Glory      Fighting Fools      

portrait25.jpg (19760 bytes)
A classic portrait of Frankie


Comedic Actor

devildiamond4.jpg (46159 bytes)        devildiamond2.jpg (24305 bytes)        devildiamond1.jpg (32798 bytes)
The Devil Diamond

youngdynamitesnap4.JPG (23932 bytes)                    upintheairsnap2.JPG (21641 bytes)                     operationpetsnap1.JPG (24290 bytes)
   Young Dynamite          Up In the Air          Operation Petticoat 

operationpetticoat18.jpg (93639 bytes)
Operation Petticoat

Radio Shows

mysterytheaterradio01.jpg (33531 bytes)    mysterytheaterradio02.jpg (163689 bytes)
Frankie worked on many radio programs, including Mystery Theater.  Here he
is seated with other cast members from a broadcast.  The blonde woman
seated at the back in the first photo and at the piano in the second
is Frankie's second wife, Betty Marie.  If you recognize
any of the other actors in this photo, let us know!


The USO Tour

usofrankie20.jpg (49985 bytes)    usofrankie24.jpg (47118 bytes)    usofrankie32.jpg (42939 bytes)    usofrankie33.jpg (18000 bytes)
Frankie toured military bases in Vietnam
with Roosevelt Livingood, where they were happy to
pose for pictures with the servicemen.


The Later Years

batmasterson03.jpg (33128 bytes)
Frankie appeared in the Bat Masterson
episode Garrison Finish.

darbyogill.jpg (18653 bytes)
This photo shows Frankie in full make-up for his
stunt work in Darby O'Gill and the Little People.

sirenofbagdad.jpg (16942 bytes)
And this photograph shows Frankie in makeup and
costume for his role in Siren of Bagdad.

operationpetticoat20.jpg (73894 bytes)
Frankie co-starred with Cary Grant in Operation Petticoat.
He was well qualified for his part as a Navy medical officer, since
that was his role in the service during World War II!

portrait27.jpg (61978 bytes)    proofsheetcut06.jpg (23175 bytes)    proofsheetcut11.jpg (18850 bytes)
Frankie never lost his talent for acting, as seen in these proof sheet photos!

redskelton03.jpg (79439 bytes)    redskelton02.jpg (22807 bytes)    redskelton05.jpg (30904 bytes)
Frankie made several appearances on the Red Skelton Show over the years,
often playing a little old lady doing startling and unexpected stunts!.