Conn Pictures
Produced by Maurice Conn
Story by Peter B. Kyne

Directed by
S. Roy Luby

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Frankie Darro . . . . . . . . . . . .  Michael Sanford
Kane Richmond . . . . . . . . . .   
Ed (Joe?) MacIntyre
Phyllis Fraser . . . . . . . . . . . .  Gloria Sanford
Harry Worth . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Tony Franco
Betty Burgess . . . . . . . . . . . .  Myra George
Johnston White . . . . . . . . . .   Reggie Whitney
Burr Caruth . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Grandpa Sanford
Stanley Price . . . . . . . . . . . .   Jake
Lorraine Randall . . . . . . . . .    Clara
Bill Hunter . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Barney
Jack Ingram . . . . . . . . . . . .    Spike
Harry Anderson . . . . . . . . . .   Bud
Lee Phelps . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  
Mr. Kendall
Fred 'Snowflake' Toones . . .   Snowflake

    Once again Frankie is paired with Kane Richmond in an action movie that is typical for the style of films from Conn Pictures.

    The film begins with a truck delivering a stack of newspapers in front of a grocers.  Michael Sanford steps out of the store and waves to the driver, then picks up a bunch of the papers which have the headline "Sweepstakes Winner!"  Michael then starts calling out, selling the papers on the street.  He comes across his grandfather, who asks for a copy of the paper and notes maybe they've won.  Mike laughs, pointing out the odds are a million to one against him.  Grandpa Sanford maintains his optimism anyway, noting that Mike could give up selling papers.  "What?  Me give up this corner after I had to lick seven guys to get it?" Mike cries.  He starts to think about what would happen if they did win, but is distracted by a whistle from a man calling for a newspaper.

    Grandpa reviews the winning numbers in the paper and looks curious.  A man named Jake approaches and asks if he has a winner.  Grandpa points out that one of the tickets Jake sold to him is a winner, although it is listed under another name.  Jake starts to say it's impossible, then covers himself and says, "That's great!"  Grandpa pulls out his ticket to compare the numbers and they are the same.  Jake assures him there was just a mistake in printing the name in the paper is all and that he'll bring Grandpa the money at his home.

    At the newspaper office, the editor is on the phone to one of his reporters, who is checking on a story about a guy who sold his winning sweepstakes ticket for ten dollars.  The editor insists the report find out how the man feels about it.  We see the reporter, who has a black eye and says he knows how the man feels.  The editor hangs up on him.  The editor answers another call and says there's no one there by such a name, then remembers and tells a secretary, Gloria Sanford, that the call is for her.  She takes the receiver and it's Grandpa calling to tell her that he has a winning number, but that it has someone else's name listed beside it in the paper.  She starts to tell the editor, who's overheard, and calls reporter Ed MacIntyre over to look into who sold Gloria's grandfather the phony ticket.  It's clear from their conversation that Gloria and Ed have been dating.

    In the meantime, Mike is still selling papers and approaches a place called "40" Club.  He tries to go inside but a large man named Barney stops him.  Mike points out that Mr. Franco said he could go inside any time he wanted.  Barney pushes Mike to the ground roughly and walks off.  Mike runs after Barney and tackles him to the ground.  The two scuffle until a policeman named O'Reilly comes across the scene, looking amused at the sight of Mike giving Barney a run for his money, then pulls them apart and scolds Barney for picking on Mike.  Mike thanks O'Reilly, who sternly sends Mike on his way, even though Mike knows he doesn't mean it.

    Barney meets Jake who tells him Grandpa Sanford won on the phony ticket Barney printed and Jake sold to the man, and says they need to talk to Franco to find out what to do.  They head back to the club.  Mike has picked up his papers and gone inside already.  A man is auditioning a dance act to a piano accompaniment.  A worker named Snowflake tells Mike that Mr. Franco can't be bothered, that he is in a meeting with a lot of people, but Mike says he can wait.  Barney and Jake pass them by, heading into Franco's office.  They knock and are allowed into the room.  Tony Franco is addressing the men gathered in the room about the next sweepstakes racket and encouraging the men to sell more tickets than ever.  The blonde secretary named Myra George listens to the meeting over the intercom, then is surprised to hear a woman named Clara tell Tony he'll be proud of her.

    Once all the men and Clara have left, Jake tells Franco about the potential problem with the ticket they sold.  Franco checks the number with his information and points out that it wasn't one of their tickets.  Barney admits that there should have been another 3 in front of the number and that he thought he'd destroyed all the tickets made with the incorrect plate.  Franco tells Barney to get the ticket back.  Jake says it will be easy to shut up old man Sanford.  Franco insists that he's not going to let their good thing be ruined by any "rough stuff" and tells them again to get the ticket back.  The men leave and Myra enters and applauds.  Franco asks her how she liked his pep talk and she says it was a masterpiece.  Then she asks if he meant what he said to Clara and he tells her to forget it and then asks her to check on the new plates.

    Later when Franco exits his office he greets Mike, who sells him his newspaper.  He gives Mike a bill and tells him to keep the change.  Franco asks Mike if he wants to watch the tryouts and Mike says sure.  They sit down to watch the auditions for a new show.  The man performs his dance routine again.  Franco isn't impressed.  Neither is a drunk at a nearby table, who hisses.  The performer tells Franco to kick out the drunk or he walks.  Franco thanks the man for coming and then asks the agent to bring on the next act.  It's a singer named Mary Anne who performs a number called "Squish Goes My Heart."  The drunk hisses her performance as well.  Mike likes it, but seeing Franco isn't impressed changes his mind.  Franco dismisses her as well.  Seeing an opportunity, Mike starts to pitch his sister Gloria for the singing job.  Franco tells Mike to bring her in any time for an audition.

    Jake and Barney call on Granpa Sanford, who is preparing a bit of a celebration.  Barney tells Grandpa to hand over the ticket, but Grandpa doesn't want to since it's the only proof he has that he's won.  They roughhouse Grandpa to get the ticket out of his wallet, only it isn't there.  Grandpa falls to the floor, lifeless.  The men panic when they hear someone approaching and run into the kitchen.  Gloria and Ed arrive at the apartment, as well as Mike, who tells them he has exciting news.  Gloria says they already know but it's not true.  Mike wants to know how they know when they weren't there and explains he's talking about the singing audition.  Ed protests, calling the club a dive.  Gloria says she'll decide if it's a dive or joint.  They enter the apartment to find Grandpa dead.

    Jake and Barney return to Franco's office to tell him the news about Grandpa Sanford.  Franco asks for the ticket and finds out they don't have it.  Jake is scared because he sold him the ticket and wants to get out town.  Franco tells Jake to go to the hide-out.  The headline for the Evening Herald reads, "Sweeps Winner Found Dead - Mystery Surrounds Death of Duplicate Ticket Holder."  Franco is being reprimanded by a mysterious man who is behind the sweepstakes scandal, who wants to know why they didn't just pay Grandpa Sanford off.  He tells Franco that if the ticket shows up they should pay it.

    Mike, Gloria and Ed return from the funeral to find their apartment has been ransacked.  Ed speculates that it was done by someone looking for the phony sweepstakes ticket.  Ed informs them that although their grandfather's death was ruled heart failure that he believes there was more to it, and that it's connected with the phony ticket.  Mike points out they didn't get the ticket because it was hidden in his grandfather's watch.  Ed says that if they could find out who sold Grandpa the ticket they could find out who's behind it all.  Mike tells them it was Jake that sold Grandpa the ticket and that he hangs out down at the "40" Club.  Ed immediately suspects Franco and Mike wants to hear more.  Ed tells them that Franco has been involved in rackets in the past and that Jake is one of his men.  Mike and Gloria don't want to believe it and Mike says he'll prove Ed wrong by taking the ticket to Franco and explaining it to him.  Mike is certain Franco will do all he can to help them.  Ed isn't so sure.  Mike says he'll take the ticket over that night and Ed assures Gloria he'll go with him.

    At the "40" Club that night, the place is full of people dancing and socializing.  In Franco's office, Bud and Spike are telling him how they couldn't find the ticket in the apartment.  One speculates that one of the grandkids is carrying it with them.  Mike and Ed arrive at the club and Ed tells Mike he'll wait for him at the hat check stand.  Mike knocks on Franco's office door and Franco motions for the two thugs to hide.  Franco acts extremely nice to Mike, asking him what's wrong.  Mike explains about the apartment being wrecked and how he has the ticket.  Franco offers to help him and Mike is relieved and shows him the ticket.  Franco offers Mike $5,000 for the ticket.  Mike readily agrees and they shake hands on it.  At the hat check stand the inebriated customer from before checks in his hat and starts to hiss, much to Ed's surprise.  The drunk explains he was just practicing to razz the talent.  Ed offers to help by hissing as well and the drunk gets chummy with him.

    Franco pays Mike the $5,000 and asks if he wants him to send someone along with him but Mike says he's not scared.  Franco picks up the phone and asks for Bud and Spike to be sent in to his office.  At the hat check stand, the drunk tries to convince Ed to join him for the show, but Ed says he'll be along later.  Mike hurries to Ed and shows him the money Franco gave him.  Ed warns Mike not to flash money like that in such a place.  On their way home, Ed and Mike are jumped by Bud and Spike.  After a fierce battle, Bud and Spike knock out Ed and Mike and take the money.  O'Reilly shows up and takes chase after the two men.  Ed helps Mike to come to and when Mike discovers the money is gone Ed explains that it's just the way Franco planned it.

    Back at Franco's office, Ed and Mike arrive with the police lieutenant to find the police sergeant already there.  Franco says he's glad Mike came back and explains that the ticket was indeed a fake.  Ed accuses Franco of knowing it all along and setting up the robbery to steal back his money from Mike.  Franco asks Mike if he believe it and Mike isn't sure.  Ed asks Franco why he would give Mike $5,000 if he wasn't in on the scheme and Franco explains he felt sorry for Mike and was willing to take a gamble on the ticket.  Ed asks Franco how he found out the ticket was fake and Franco said he called up and then called the police.  Ed tells the lieutenant to check with the phone company.  He confirms there was a call to Dublin, Ireland from that phone.  What they don't know is Myra is the one taking the call and giving them the information.  Ed still doesn't believe Franco but Mike still wants to.  Franco offers Mike more money which Mike feels he can't take, so Franco reminds Mike to bring his sister in for an audition.  Franco says he wouldn't mind if Ed wrote what was on his mind in the paper.  Ed knows Franco would sue the Herald for libel and doesn't bite but promises when he does eventually print the story Franco won't be in any position to appreciate it.

    Later on, the mysterious man is again threatening Franco.  He's very angry about the way Franco handled the situation.  Franco is having regrets about getting in so deep with this person but the man reminds him he's up to his neck in it.  He makes it clear that if Franco does one more thing without direct orders, that will be it.  At a later date, Mike and Gloria are sitting at a table in the club.  Gloria asks where Ed is and Mike points out that he's sitting at another table on the other side of the room.  "He's still angry with me because I took this job, isn't he?" Gloria sighs.  Mike says he'll get over it.  Franco joins them and gives Gloria a little pep talk.  The inebriated man joins Ed at his table and Ed warns him not to hiss while Gloria is singing.  The drunk promises.  Gloria is introduced and sings a song called "And What You've Got is Love."  During the song, Myra notes the way Franco is looking at Gloria with frustration.  After the song Gloria performs an encore.

    During the second performance, the waiter goes to the bar and asks for "One straight and one for the boss."  The bartender pours one drink and then takes a bottle of Sarsparilla and pours the second.  When the drinks are delivered to the table, Ed accidentally grabs the drunk's glass and is surprised to find it's only Sarsparilla.  He switches the glasses and when the drunk drinks the alcohol he coughs and is taken by surprise.  The drunk excuses himself and leaves, and on a hunch Ed follows him.  The drunks arrives home and as soon as he closes the door he's completely sober.  He is about to go to the other room when there is a knock at the door.  He opens to door to find Ed and acts drunk again, inviting him in.  Ed makes it clear he's on to the man, who says he doesn't know if Ed found him out on purpose or by accident.

    The drunk pulls out a private detective badge and explains that he's investigating the counterfeit sweepstakes tickets scam and introduces himself as Reggie Whitney.  Ed is surprised he doesn't know the man and Whitney explains that he works undercover and never appears in court.  Whitney offers Ed a drink, which he declines.  Ed then offers Whitney a cigarette and they smoke.  Ed asks Whitney about the "40" Club and Whitney admits that he was about to drop his suspicions when Ed showed up and he knew Ed usually doesn't follow useless leads.  They decide to work together and Whitney asks Ed if he's found anything.  Ed explains how he remembers helping a gal named Myra George and that he'd seen her at the club that night.  Whitney says he'll handle it but Ed interferes, saying he'll wine and dine the lady.

    So Ed begins taking Myra out on the town.  We see a montage of them out and about, visiting various nightspots.  Ed takes Myra home and she asks if there's any spots in town they missed.  Ed says they'll hit those the next night.  The phone rings and Ed offers to answer it but Myra asks him to get her a cigarette.  When he starts to offer his own, she says she prefers her own brand which are on the table on the other side of the room.  Ed goes to get the cigarettes as Myra answers the phone.  When he picks up the box he sees something underneath and looks at it.  One of Franco's boys is on the phone and she tells him that Ed is there.  He gives her instructions on what to do and she hangs up.  Ed asks Myra how well she knows Franco.  She says she met him while singing at the "40" Club and offers to sing a song for him that was specially written for her.

    Myra sits down at the piano and sings "To Resist You."  Ed presses her about Franco again, asking if he was there that day.  He produces what he found under the cigarettes, a book of sweepstakes tickets.  She asks what about them and he says it's up to her.  "For publication or just between the two of us?" she asks.  "Does it make any difference?" Ed asks.  The doorbell rings.  "As a matter of fact, it doesn't," she informs him.  She tells Ed to get rid of whoever's at the door and she'll tell him what he wants to know.  Ed opens the door and is jumped by Franco's men.  A fight ensues and Ed is finally knocked out and dragged from the apartment, much to Myra's amusement.  They drive Ed out to a remote home to hold him prisoner.

    At the club the next day, Gloria is rehearsing a number called "Spring Will Make You Fall" while Franco and Mike watch.  Whitney, acting drunk, also watches.  Franco tells Gloria to use the number in the show.  Snowflake interrupts them to tell Franco that Jake's in his office.  Franco hurries to his office and asks Jake why he's there.  Jake explains that they took Ed to the hide-out and that he doesn't want to be in on another murder.  Franco tells Jake he'll do what he's told.  Mike tells Gloria that he's been practicing an act of his own and wants to show it to her.  He performs a series of back flips and a head spin.  Gloria says she likes it and encourages Mike to talk to Mr. Franco about it right away.  Mike enters the office just in time to overhear Franco and Jake talk about Ed.  "Who said MacIntyre would be killed?" Franco asks.  "Well, you know what happened to old man Sanford," Jake points out.  Franco gives Jake some money and tells him to leave on the ferry at midnight.

    Mike storms into the office and confronts Franco, calling him a double crosser.  Franco tells Jake to close the door and Mike tries to cut him off but Jake grabs him just as Gloria walks in.  Jake closes the door and Mike points out that Franco was responsible for Grandpa Sanford's death.  Franco says he's sorry, that he's fond of them but it makes things difficult.  Franco asks Jake to have Spike bring the car around to the side entrance.  Franco says he's sending them both home.  A while later, Myra enters the office and asks Franco what's up between him and Gloria.  Franco assures her he isn't interested but Myra points out that he sent her home in his car.  Franco insists he's not sending her home but Myra's had enough and says she's through.  As she leaves, she informs Franco that the police picked up Jake a little while ago.  Franco gets on the phone to ask someone when the tickets will be ready.  Myra listens in on the intercom and hears Franco asking for them to be delivered to him there.

    Franco calls his men together and tells them he's going to Palm Beach on business and that they should get started selling the books.  He assures them there won't be any trouble even though he may be gone for some time.  The men all pay him $2,000 for their tickets then leave.  Myra is seen on the phone telling someone that Franco is cashing in all the tickets and trying to make a getaway.  It turns out she is talking to Whitney.  She tells him Franco is sure to go to the plant first.  The police are grilling Jake, trying to find out where the plant is.  At the hideaway, Mike and Gloria are now being held prisoner with Ed.  They try to figure out a way out.  The police crack Jake and learn the location of the plant.  Mike gets a plan and asks Ed to boost him up to the top of a bureau.  Mike tells Ed to lure the guard into the room somehow.  Ed calls out that he's thirsty and one of the thugs brings him a glass of water.  The second thug follows behind.

    Mike leaps onto the second man as Ed punches out the first man and a fight ensues.  The four struggle violently while Gloria watches from the sidelines.  Mike is punched and falls back against a wall, unconscious.  Ed knocks out his opponent and is attacked by the other thug, who punches him down.  Mike awakens and hits the thug over the head with a bottle.  Mike manages to get hold of the gun which has fallen to the floor.  Ed takes the gun from Mike and tells him to find something to tie the men up with.  Gloria and Mike start to tie the men with the drapes.  Barney enters but Ed gets the drop on him.  Mike runs outside to find something to tie Barney up with.  Ed gloats over the prisoners until a voice behind him tells him to drop the gun.  It's Franco and he has a gun on them.  Mike sneaks up behind Franco and knocks the gun out of his hand and once again they have the upper hand.

    Now Mike and Ed both have guns and are holding Barney and Franco at bay.  Mike opens the cache Franco brought in and finds it full of money.  Franco tells Mike to help himself but Mike refuses, then tells Ed that he found the printing press and tickets in the basement.  Ed tells Mike and Gloria to take Franco's car and go for the police.  At that moment Whitney enters.  Ed introduces him as a special investigator and Whitney takes the gun from Mike.  Ed hands his gun to Whitney as well and says he wants to get his story in and call the police.  Whitney holds the gun on Ed and says it's one story his paper is never going to print, then calls Mike to join Ed and Gloria.  He then addresses Franco, saying, "So you thought you'd run out on me?  You know what happens to double crossers."  Whitney shoots Franco, who falls down dead.

    Ed tries to protect Mike and Gloria by telling Whitney that they'll keep their mouths shut.  "There's only one kind of people that never talk," Whitney snarls.  He makes it clear he's going to kill them when the police burst in, ordering Whitney to drop his gun.  The police proceed to cuff and arrest everyone.  Gloria tells Ed he put up a good fight.  Ed gives credit to Mike but Gloria focuses on Ed.  Mike suggests they just keep it in the family.  Gloria asks, "Don't I have anything to say about this?"  "Not a thing!  I'm the head of this family!" Mike informs her.  "Oh no, you're not," Ed argues, and he and Gloria kiss.  "Well, I was," Mike sighs, then he smiles and winks at them.


Kane Richmond's character is listed as Joe MacIntyre in the opening credits, yet in the film itself everyone calls him Ed.

Fred 'Snowflake' Toones, who appeared in several movies with Frankie, also appears in this movie although he is uncredited and has a very small part.

Frankie gets to perform a series of back flips and a head spin in this film, which is always a treat to watch.